South Texas Weather Modification Association
Current Operational Status:
The 2016 operational season is underway.  There have been 36 seeding missions so far this
year (April: 1, May: 4, June: 7, July: 7, August 9, September
8).  Check the Operations page
for detailed information on the seeding that has taken place.
Welcome to the South Texas Weather Modification Association
(STWMA) Information Page
The South Texas Weather Modification Association is a non-profit organization consisting of
several water districts. The association first formed in 1996 and conducted its first cloud
seeding mission the following year. After nearly 20 years in existence, the STWMA, based in
Pleasanton, continues to perform seeding operations over multiple counties in south-central

A map of other associated weather modification projects across Texas area can be found

A overview presentation of weather modification in Texas can be found
here. (Provided by the
Texas Weather Modification Association)

Feel free to navigate around the website, whether it's to check our radar image for current
activity, to get the local forecast and conditions for the target area, or read our FAQ page to
learn more about cloud seeding.
Other Weather Modification Programs in Texas:
  • Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District:  PGCD
  • Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research: SOAR
  • West Texas Weather Modification Association: WTWMA
2016 Project Counties
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