Weather Links
Weather Modification Information
If you would like more information on weather modification than what is on this site, please
check out these other places for information.

Weather Information
There are numerous web sites for weather data, forecasting models, and information on how
weather works.  A few of which are listed here.

Other Information
Texas is no stranger to heat, but high temperatures and humid air make for dangerous
conditions.  Find out more information on head index values, heat illnesses, and how to stay
safe through this link -
NWS page on heat

Weather Disaster Preparedness
Weather Emergencies can happen throughout the year so it helps to plan ahead.  Having an
idea of what to do and how to prepare before a disaster can save lives.  These web site
provide information on different types of weather emergencies, preparations before a
disaster, and other safety information.

Preparation Tips for Weather Emergencies

Staying Safe Outdoors

South Texas Weather Modification Association