Area Radar Image
South Texas Weather Modification Association
The STWMA uses a radar feed from National Weather Service Doppler radars located in
Brackettville (KDFX), New Braunfels (KEWX) and Corpus Christi (KCRP) for cloud seeding
operations. If cloud seeding operations are taking place, a line indicating the aircraft flight
track will also be display within the radar image.  This feed is provided by Weather Decision
Technologies, Inc., based out of Norman, OK.

These images are updated every few minutes. When viewing the images, note that the time
(upper left corner) indicated is Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), so 5 hours must be
subtracted to get Central Time (6 hours during the Standard Time period). For example,
21:32:00 UTC is really 16:32 local time, or 4:32pm CDT (3:32pm CST).  

If you would like more information on UTC time, visit

*If Image time is out of date, refresh the page to update radar image.
Click below image for STWMA area radar*